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Posted: Fri May 06, 2016 11:39 am
by ric
Natalie Wood plays Maggie DuBois.
In French, "Du Bois" means "of the wood".

Tony Curtis plays "The Great Leslie", the "Hero in White".
Tony's real name is "Bernie Schwartz". "Schwarz" in German is "Black".
His first major role was as Houdini in the 1953 film. Houdini's real name was "Erik Weisz" (later "Harry Weiss")
Weiss is German for "White".

Many of the other surnames were simply representations of the person's character, e.g.
Leslie Galant III (Gallant)
Hezekiah Sturdy
Max Meen (=Mean)
Lily Olay (= Olé = "An interjection used to stir up excitement.")
General Kuhster (sounds like "Rooster")
Henry and Hester Goodbody (I'm not sure where that comes from...)