The Hannibal 8
Celebrating the cars and characters of The Great Race.
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Fictional History
  • [0:20:15] Built by the Professor Fate, so he could beat The Great Leslie in the New York to Paris Race.
  • [0:24:30] Has a heated nose cone to drive through snow, lifting mechanism to drive over trouble, and a cannon to blast savages.
    (smoke screen not mentioned in this scene)
  • [0:25:40] Fate's house collapses on the car after Max presses the wrong button.
  • [0:40:40] Fate's house collapses on the car after Maggie presses all the buttons.
  • [0:48:30] The engine falls out ("We're number five Max!")
  • [1:18:00] Chased along railway line by steam locomotive.
  • [2:28:44] Flat tire in France, allowing Leslie Special to take the lead.
  • [2:30:00] Retakes lead 500k from Paris, after Leslie pulls over to argue with Maggie
  • [2:31:18] Drives down the Montmartre steps
  • [2:37:09] Tries to fire cannon at Leslie Special, but brings down the Eiffel Tower instead.
Real History
  • Five "Hannibal Twin 8's" were built. Some had the raising mechanism, some didn't.
Current Whereabouts
  • [Source] One HT8 was used in the 1977 Comedy Movie "Charge of the Model T's"
  • One (maybe two) is now in the Stahl Motor Museum in Chesterfield, Michigan. This one is missing the nose cone and two of the rear wheels.
  • [Link] One of the Stahl cars came from the Allholm Automobile Museum museum in Denmark. Registration Plate # "California JKX-444". These pics are from 2005, by 2012 it was at Stahls.
More Info
  • [Source] 3D render of an HT8, with a bit of historical info. (Look on page 2 for more historical photos of the Allholm/Stahl car.)
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