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The route taken through Paris at the end of the film was probably selected purely to show some "typical" Paris scenes, rather than a coherent route.
They would have selected small roads which had little "modern" development in the 1960's.
Most of the buildings visible in the movie survive virtually unchanged today, although many roads are now one-way, or foot only.
Images on the left come directly from the movie. Those on the right are from Google "Street View". Click any modern image to see it on Google Maps.
(Time stamps are taken from the standard PAL DVD release.)
Also note, the back projections are from the same streets as the live shots, but a billboard has changed at one point, so they were filmed on a different date to the live shots.
Also, the same street is shown twice behind the Leslie Special (Scene 6 and Scene 8), so they must not have filmed the correct street for the second scene.
Scene 1 [2:31:21]
Hannibal T8 enters Paris,
travelling north on
Rue Mouffetard
Scene 2a [2:31:24]
Hannibal T8
 turns left into
Rue du Pot de Fer
Scene 2b [2:31:28]
Turned into
Rue du Pot de Fer
Scene 3 [2:31:35]
Projected screen
behind HT8.
Continues north on
Rue Mouffetard as if
they had not turned left
at Rue du Pot de Fer.

(White billboard over
blue wall is visible in
later shot, but with a different poster on it)
Scene 4a [2:31:37]
HT8 comes from
Rue Mouffetard
and turns right ...

Scene 4b [2:31:44]
... into
Rue Lacépède
Scene 5a [2:31:45]
Scene 5b [2:31:48]
Leslie special, identical
route to Scene 2a & 2b
Scene 6 [2:31:52]
Studio projection.

You can see the same archway in the background on the left, as in the photo above,
but this time, the car goes straight ahead along Rue Mouffetard, and does not turn
left into Rue du Pot de Fer.
Scene 6b [2:32:00]
Northbound on
Rue Mouffetard,
just past
Rue Saint Médard

The White billboard was
covering windows on
the building corner.
Scene 7 [2:32:04]
Leslie special emerging from
Rue Mouffetard, into
Place de la Contrescarpe.

Scene 8a [2:32:09]
After passing through
Place de la Contrescarpe
the same back projection
footage is reused.
Compare to the background
in Scene 6b above.
Scene 8b [2:32:18]
The clock in the background
is still there!

Scene 9 [2:32:28]
Montmartre steps
Scene 10a [2:32:34]
Crossing the
Pont Loius Philippe

Scene 10b [2:32:42]
Turn right into
Quai de Bourbon
Scene 11a [2:32:54]
Westbound on
Quai d'Anjou
about to turn left into
Rue des Deux Ponts
Scene 11b [2:33:05]
Southbound on
Rue des Deux Ponts
Scene 12a [2:33:09]
Coming from
Rue des Deux Ponts
Scene 12b [2:33:11]
Crossing the
Pont de la Tournelle

(n,b, This bridge opened in
1928, so it didn't exist
in 1908.)
Scene 13a [2:33:13]
Fate drives up
Quai de Béthune
before turning left onto
Pont de la Tournelle

Scene 13b [2:33:23]
Just after Fate crosses the
Pont de la Tournelle
Scene 14 [2:33:24]
Projection shot, as Fate crosses
Pont de la Tournelle
Scene 15 [2:33:42]
Eiffel Tower

Scene 16 [2:33:46]
Avenue Anatole France

Fate's route is in orange, Leslie in Red. The scene numbers from above are shown on the map.
No attempt is made to join sections together, as they don't make sense anyway.
(Particularly the bits around Île Saint-Louis, and Fate's detour to the Montmartre steps.)

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